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DMARC Email Security

Innovative brand abuse and spoofed phishing mail protection

Protect your domains / emails from being used in :

  • Business Email Compromise attacks
  • Phishing emails
  • Email Scams
  • Other cyber threat activities

Protects against some of the common frauds :

  • Phishing mails stealing sensitive customer information
  • Fake policy bonus
  • Invoice frauds
  • Fake job offers
  • CFO / CEO impersonation etc.
DMARC Email Security

Our DMARC solution adopted by :

HDFC, ICICI, Karnataka, Federal, Karur Vysya, Cosmos, GP Parsik, KJSB, HDFC Life, SBI Life, NSE, BSE, Mahindra Finance, Asian Paints, Cipla, TATA Trent, NSE, Sony Televisions, Asian Paints, Cipla, etc.

  • Ensure timely compliance with the RBI & other Govt. guidelines
  • Complete brand protection from spoofed phishing mails*
  • Ensure legitimate emails are not getting blocked
  • Identify issues with SPF, DKIM & DMARC conformance
  • Ensure inventorisation of all mail senders (incl. third party mass mailers, marketing agencies etc.)