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PDF Signing

We offer a complete solution for digitally signing any PDF document. With jus few clicks you can digitally sign your documents in a very user friendly way.

We provide simple desktop based signing software to high end automated software’s which can be integrated in to your existing software, to provide complete automated solution right from the PDF creation, to digitally sign them and even mail to recipients, with complete tracking.

You may prepare documents from any software like MS Office, or even scan from physical copies, digitally sign them using our PDF signing software and email to the recipients.

We clearly understand that each entity has different need. We believe in providing customized solutions, which meet the specific business needs.

Specialty of our PDF Signer:

  • With PDF Signer, you can now use a digital certificate to sign any PDF documents, anywhere, anytime. What is more, you can be confident that the signature will be recognized legally in the court of law, as per Indian IT ACT 2000.
  • Sign any document with ease and establish ownership, authenticity or approval.
  • PDF Signer is a document signing utility, with a simple interface, ideal for corporate as well as personal use.
  • PDF Signer uses standard complaint algorithms to digitally sign your documents.

Why the need to Digitally Sign Documents:

There are mainly 2 factors which guide an organization to adapt the new technologies and new process, the latest being digitally signing documents.

  1. Meeting regulatory requirements and legal compliance
  2. Go for cost reduction and increase efficiency to be competitive.

Over the years everyone has moved form paper based manual system to digitization, computerization and automation. The latest is moving to digitally signing the documents and mailing to the recipient. Instead of physically printing them and sending through courier/post.

Adapting electronics process over traditional physical paper-based documentation reaps huge financial rewards providing immediate benefits both in terms of direct cost and time saving; in addition impact on the environment: Paper work elimination and reduced carbon footprint by avoiding printing of such documents i.e.  Going Green.

It’s fast, easy, ecologic and cheaper than a traditional paper based invoice. Also, the time involved to pay a digitally signed electronics documents can be reduced as compared to a paper based document, because  when you send the digitally signed invoice to the customer, the receiver can instantly see it, verify it and acknowledge it, and inform in case of any changes required, thus saving lot of precious time.

PDF signer software provides a complete solution to Digitally Sign Documents. Contact us for a Demo.