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About Us

Ace Technology is Top Digital Signature Provider in India. It was founded in 2006 with corporate office in Mumbai, has a decade of experience in IT & Digital Signature Certificate operations across the country, with regional offices located in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur and associate partners in all major cities and towns across India. Since its launch in April 2006, Ace Technology has offered expertise in using IT in e-Governance, primarily “Digital Signature” and “PKI Technology” with intention of authenticating any marked document with security procedures to keep digital information safe

ACE Technology is the Licensed Registration Authority of SifySafescrypt Certifying Authority, licensed by the CCA, authorized to sell Class 2 and Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) to Individuals, Companies, Banks, Government Departments, PSUs, etc. located across the country and outside.

Ace Technology has today established strategic relationship with our esteemed clients.


Since its founding in Mumbai in 2006, Ace Technology is industry leader as Registration Authority of Tata Consultancy Services.

Certifying Authority till March 20th 2014, the date TCS-CA discontinued issuance of digital signatures in India, as per their company policy.


Currently, ACE Technology is now partnered with Sify – SafeScrypt, as their Licensed Registration Authority from April 2014.

Sify is the first member of the Certifying Authority in India, and we take pride in associating with the pioneers of Digital Signatures.

Ace Technology has offered and continues to offer registration of digital signatures for CLASS 2 & CLASS 3 – Signing & Encryption, has to date issued thousands of digital signature certificates in all cities, for digitally signing electronic documents / data, under various projects:

  • E-filing under MCA21
  • ITR e-filing
  • Etendering / eProcurement/ eAuctions on major Government Organisations/ PSUs, etc.

Major E-Governance Projects Achieved :

Support in assistance for registration, training & support for IRCTC e-Ticketing project for agents, in 2007. The company has provided Signing softwares & Digital Signatures, including training, installation & support to various Banks across the country, under eGovernance projects laid down by GOI & RBI such as CERSAI, DBT, etc.

Vast Support :

Lastly most important the company can boast of a large work force to carry any type of activity across the country, that puts other competitors far behind.

  • Technical support for registration of digital signatures for all departments.
  • Quick renewal of expired digital signatures.
  • The only company to have 20 own branches across India, specifi-cally for Digital Signatures.

Our Values


Our mission is to support consistent and sustainable eGovernance programs in our country. To achieve this objective, we continue to practice the values that stand at the core of our professional philosophy.


We conduct business; treat our clients, our staff and business associates in a fair and honest way.

Ethical Practices

We attempt to be a well-informed and value enhancing contributor to the market. We are also committed to practice our business in a transparent and ethical way.


We are always ready to meet the client’s needs and to cater to them with innovative solutions, receptiveness, professionalism and attention to the minutest of detail.


Ace Technology try to employ outstanding individuals and value their contributions by caring for them and their families. We also use our expertise and resources to improve our local, national and international community.